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Two weeks inn…

Hello Friends,
Its been a while since my last post, so here it is….

Since my last two recent posts were of my projects, i thought it would be good to write some thing new as there are two more technical post waiting to be posted..:D
Its been two weeks since my college started and I am packed with my college schedule, partly because i selected 2 Group electives for this sem which are kinda tough as they both have labs so in all i have 5 labs in 4 days..:( I am seeing a really tough time ahead of me which is gonna get tougher once I start my GRE prep. but this time , am nt at all worried as was previously …:D

I have been busy these days developing a simple Cyberoam Account Manager in collaboration with Viranch
and completing my summer internship under Prof. Samaresh Chatterjee regarding Understanding and implementation of PageRank. More about this will be posted in my next post.
In the course i also watched “Once Upon a time in Mumbai”… i gotta admit that it was one of the most horrible movie i have ever seen, though it didn’t topped the list of unbearable(s) but it wasn’t far behind. I am still pondering over my decision to watch this film even after knowing that it was a BALAJI PRODUCTIONS and also can’t understand why other people are liking it may its the magic of EKTA KAPOOR that seems to doesn’t work on me anytime…:). Well i think every one has his own opinions but as far as i am concerned i wont recommend anyone to watch this film.
Well that’s all for now…


Enfin mon premier blog!

Finally after getting inspired by many of my college mates who have started blogging and fed up with the extreme boredom in my life mainly because of the ongoing vacations, I present to you my first ever blog.

Happy Reading..

Well as said in my first post, this blog mainly contains posts as a result of my boredom. They may contains source codes, stories, pics etc.,the range is infinite. Hence the title is MaY bE or mAy Be nOt!! as I was not sure of any fix title…Confusion.
You might find certain French words here and there..because of my interest in French and my failure to learn it. HenceĀ fulfilling my dream I use French words(Courtesy Google Translator…:P)