BLR Return!!!

Just before leaving Bangalore, while waiting at airport for my
boarding call, I get this urge to write about last six months of my
life as I officially move from being a student to become a corporate

It all started back in January, when I joined Bell Labs for my final
year B-Tech Thesis, well it suffices to say I was super duper excited
to start working as soon as possible.
To start with let me give some brief detail of Bell Labs Research,
India. Its a very small group of people like 17 who are part of it and
work on mainly two primary domains, i.e. Networks Domain and
Application for emerging market domain. Its an awesome place to work
at, people are super cool. For this 6 months intern thing, apart from
me there was only one other guy (Achintya) from BITS, Goa, so for next
4 and half months we two were the only undergrads in there. Some of
the memories that I will cherish are Friday snack talks, BLIPs (Bell
Labs India Party) and the discussions over lunch. Working with Animesh
(my mentor) was fun and at times exhausting (won’t lie about that), he
can come up with pretty off-beat solutions to any problem you throw at
him. I got a first hand experience of what its like to do research and
believe me its total different world out there for the developers,
there are no specific targets or deadlines, you don’t know about the
final outputs (there are always surprises hidden) and you should be
ready to read research papers like anything and have patience (which I
clearly lacked).

As far as my work is concerned, it mainly consisted on looking into
the problem or rather implications of using an an algorithm for
clustering users in a privacy preserving way. I will write more
details about it as soon as I am at the liberty to do so.

Now coming to the city, like every city it has its own pros and cons,
as soon as you spend few hours in the city off-course that excludes 2+
hrs to reach your place from Airport, the first impression you will
get is of a city full of traffic jams and costly like hell…:P, but
the best thing about this city is its weather as you might have heard
and 2nd best is Volvo bus service … :P. My overall impression of the
city have changed over 6 months, from being a total negative opinion
about it to somewhat positive opinions. Somethings worth mentioning
are restaurants (tried lot of them and shelled out a lot ..:) ),
wonderla, 100ft road, ub city mall, purple haze etc.

Overall my last 6 months has been truly awesome be it from work
perspective, hanging out with friends or just relaxing over the
weekend … :).

P.S. The night life of Bangalore SUXXX, there is not night life.
P.S.2 I think you already know about it…:P

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