Conky, MPD and Scrobby .. the ultimate combination for me to play Music

This is 1 thing that i wanted to share as soon as I got it configured and started using it but due to tight schedule of last sem and now my internship I couldnt do it. But its never too late right.

So let me start by giving some brief introduction of the 3 tools i am using,

*Note: The views expressed here are my own and any conflicts with anyone of you is not my problem.. but do feel free to express your views as comments…:D

It not like any traditional music player, it has a different server-client architecture where the server manages most of your things like playlists and songs database and it runs as a daemon in background. Natively it will not play songs for you or show you any playlist or album art, to do that you need to have a client to interface it with, i have currently installed gmpc for gui puposes but is mostly using mpc which is a command line interface for mpd. Its very simple to configure and work with, steps can be found on any wiki, i used ArchLinux Wiki for configuring it.
When it is used with mpc it becomes slightly tedious hence its not so much popular but in combination of the below two technologies it really amazing and fun in playing songs.

When you have a desktop pc and a laptop and want to play songs on desktop and control them from your laptop, thats where the main strength i.e. the Client-Server architecture comes i handy, you can connect to your mpd server which is running on your desktop and using any client u can play songs.. it freaking awesome when you see it in action..SERIOUSLY.. 

Conky is basically your system monitor which can work on any x system, i am running it on kde 4.6, it natively supports MPD i.e. it can connect to the server and show you which song is currently being played. I am using it just for a feedback which song am i currently playing otherwise you need to have one GUI client running all the time to show you the songs.

A background audioscrobbler especially for mpd,  here you can provide it with the mpd server address and port along with your username and password and just add the deamon in you rc.conf file and voila, whenever you play a song it will detect it and submit it to hence your playlist is now public and you share it…:D. (I know there are a lot of scrobblers available bt i liked this one the most.)
One good thing about it is that u can instead of writing your password in text, specify the md5 sum and it will authenticate you using the same.

Now with this combination you can play song, see it on your screen all the time and also automatically submit it to  but to change song you will have to go to console and type commands which obviously we would nit like to do… so I configured my global shortcuts and bind them with the small scripts that lets you select song from the current playlist and also allows you to perform conventional playback controls on the same. I have shared the scripts below,                            

</div> <div>#!/bin/bash</div> <div>mpc next</div> <div>mpc current | dzen2 -ta c -p 2</div> <div>

</div> <div>#!/bin/bash</div> <div>mpc prev</div> <div>mpc current | dzen2 -ta c -p 2</div> <div>

</div> <div>#!/bin/bash</div> <div>mpc play $(sed -n "s@^ *\([0-9]\+\);$(mpc playlist|dmenu -i -p 'song name'||echo ";;;")@\1@p" < <(mpc playlist|nl -s ';'))</div> <div>
    • Viranch
    • June 19th, 2011

    Hey that scripting and binding-shortcut thing was my idea!! BTW, please post the step-by-step tutorial over setting this thing up. I’ve wanted to try it since long, but never really gathered the patience to go through wikis. πŸ˜›

    • Dude u gave me the idea of binding it with the media keys..i was already using the custom bindings but anyways thanx for the advice though…:D

      I will write the post of the setup if i get time

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