PyCourt awaits your Order.

Its time for the one Project which I worked my ass off and in the end it did reward me with the ultimate pinnacle of our academic grading system …:D

The project is codenamed "PyCourt", a cafeteria management system for our college's cafeteria which was in the end rejected by our professor for deployment. PyCourt was fully developed using Django Web Framework for back-end , CSS,HTML,jQuery for the front-end.

I immediately fell in love with Django as soon as I started using it; awesome documentation along with my love for python made web development very easy for me. 

There are basically 2 account types i.e. Student account and Counter owner account and in a nut shell, system offers

  • students to login from there ID and see the available dishes on each counter, although it presently supports only 3 counters more counters can be added
  • counter owners to log into the system using predefined accounts and check for pending orders,look at orders history and also change their menu if they want to.

One of the coolest feature according to me is the real time notification for both counter and student accounts. Students will be automatically notified if their ordered dish is prepared or is under preparation and similarly counter accounts will be notified of any new orders that come, by a blinking label on the top of the page

If anyone wants to try it, clone the project and it should work right on if you have Django and sqlight3 installed, db file is part of project so there shouldn't be any issues running the project.

By default there are 3 counter accounts i.e. counter1, counter2, counter3 and password is same as username.
If you want to add student account you can just click on register and give any 10 digit username and an email id ending with and you should be able login as student.

For more details you can look up Help.

I would like to thank 3 of my batchmates i.e nightfox, codefire, krbetros for helping me in completing this project

au revoir 🙂

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