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Conky, MPD and Scrobby .. the ultimate combination for me to play Music

This is 1 thing that i wanted to share as soon as I got it configured and started using it but due to tight schedule of last sem and now my internship I couldnt do it. But its never too late right.

So let me start by giving some brief introduction of the 3 tools i am using,

*Note: The views expressed here are my own and any conflicts with anyone of you is not my problem.. but do feel free to express your views as comments…:D


PyCourt awaits your Order.

Its time for the one Project which I worked my ass off and in the end it did reward me with the ultimate pinnacle of our academic grading system …:D

The project is codenamed "PyCourt", a cafeteria management system for our college's cafeteria which was in the end rejected by our professor for deployment. PyCourt was fully developed using Django Web Framework for back-end , CSS,HTML,jQuery for the front-end.

I immediately fell in love with Django as soon as I started using it; awesome documentation along with my love for python made web development very easy for me. 

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EyeGazer and Awesome lSystem Generator

This is 1 or the 3 blog posts which I talked about in the previous post.

In the last sem apart from the most import project i.e. SEN Project, I also worked on 2 other projects related to the courses I had taken and both of them turned out to be pretty good considering the amount of time we spent on each of it…:D


This is what I named the project which I completed for Embeddedd Systems Programming Course in Last Sem.
The aim of the project was to develop or modify an existing eye tracking module to provide us the direction of gazing and transmit it serially, after searching through some of the currently available modules, I opted for OpenGazer because it was OpenSource and I was able to compile and run it….:D

cGazer is basically a modified version of Opengazer , it uses a Gaussian Process to calibrate and track your eye and outputs one of the 13 points on the screen which approximately tells you where you are gazing.

I modified it to output direction of gazing instead of points and transmit it serially through USB Port, the screen shot below shows opengazer in action…:D, I also wrote another program which is basically doing the serial transmission, it obtains the data via shared memory.

Cool Na….:D


My Computer Graphics Project…:D

It is a simple lSystem Generator and has a pretty functionally extensive (according to me..:P) UI developed in openGL. I developed this one along with my batch mate and in the end we were pretty satisfied with the outcome

There are numerous functionality available in the UI, u can also provide a text file containing rules, axiom and other parameters and it will generate the corresponding lSystem for you, it has options to move the system, zoom in or out and even change the primitive shape used for drawing the system. Below is screenshot of a multi ordered and colored tree using the same.

I just loved it seeing it constructing the things …..:D

9 months Gone….. Time for the new Born

It been 9 months since my last sensible post,

And I am finally writing one, thanks to viranch’s scolding..:D

A Lot has happened in my life since than and academically I was able to withstand the most feared and cruel course in our college, i.e. Software Engineering(SEN) and was luckily able to ACE it also…:D

This is just an introductory blog which lists the the upcoming series of blogsBlog Posts by me,Same will include

  • some of the projects which I completed in previous semester
  • one of the most coolest customization for music listening using MPD, Conky and Scrobby
  • summer internship at Microsoft…:D

This is the major chunk of it.